Scarecrow Revival's "Something Wicked This Way Strums": The Dark Side of Colorado Americana

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Americana’s got a dark side and Littleton’s Scarecrow Revival want you to hear it. The Colorado trio, consisting of Don Alles (vocals/guitar), Kevin Rudeen (guitar), and Johnny Cajon (percussion) describe their music as “dark tales and twisted stories from the flatlands”. The group have been playing together as Scarecrow Revival for almost two years, and this past January, they dropped their debut album, Something Wicked This Way Strums.

The 14-track LP opens with the rootsy, hollerin’ “Long Way Back Home”, a number with a catchy chorus and plenty of stompin’ rhythms. It moves next into “Devil Makes Three”, a song that really introduces the “dark tale” element of SR’s storytelling. “Bottle Went Dry” further capitulates this theme, talking about “living life in a podunk town”, the dangers of addiction, and “watching life slip away/in a whiskey river at the end of the day”. It’s a sad number, and at the same time, employs a beautiful, melodic bridge.

SR's frontman, Don Alles. 

SR's frontman, Don Alles. 

Throughout Something Wicked This Way Strums, the themes of sin (“Wrong Side of the River”), redemption (“Long Lonely Road to Babylon”), traveling on the road (“40 Miles From Nowhere”), loneliness (“Walk Away”), definitions of ‘home’ (“One Horse Town”), and the occasional ol’ drinkin’ tune (“Never Going Back”) can be found. Quite honestly, the album in its entirety feels like a great summertime listen; something you might play over beers and a bonfire pondering the journey of life with friends.

SR are currently gigging around Colorado in support of their debut release. They play Thursday at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver and Saturday at The Rail Sports Pub in Englewood. You can peep their other show dates for the summer here. Whether you see this outfit live, or you stream their newest release online, make sure to check out Colorado’s Scarecrow Revival.

Give Something Wicked This Way Strums a listen for yourself below:


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