Mosh at Your Desk with the Sounds of Spain's Alternative Rock Group Sarajevo '84

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Spain's Sarajevo '84 are picking up some steam. 

Spain's Sarajevo '84.

Spain's Sarajevo '84.

As you might have read in our Corner Cafe Chronicles article last week, we’re stepping up our game and bringing you sounds from around the world on BolderBeat. Today, we’re pumped to introduce you to Spain’s alternative rock four-piece Sarajevo ‘84. Formed in 2014 in Granada, the band’s sound “primarily consists of rock with an emphasis on grunge, as well as elements of punk rock.” Comprised of Andres Martinez (vocals/guitar), Victor Rojas (bass), Juan Marin (guitar), and Ivan Garcia (drums), Sarajevo ‘84 recently dropped their debut EP, Waiting for the Sun, which you can download for free here. Currently, the group is on tour in the south of Spain; they also have performances planned in Madrid and Barcelona later this year.

Overall, Waiting for the Sun’s angsty, guitar-heavy tracks bring me back to my Warped Tour days. “20 Things” will make you want to start jumping, you’ll be moshing by “My Perfect Day”, and “The Key” will close out the show before the band breaks their gear and demands you keep running in a giant, moshing circle. Is it Warped Wednesday? Can we get our angry youth back? Sigh. No. But you can turn up Sarajevo ‘84 and mosh in your cubicle kids, and I highly recommend it.

Give Sarajevo ‘84’s title track “Waiting for the Sun” a listen:


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