Redline Alchemy: No Genre But a Lot of Fun

Redline Alchemy consists of a trio of brothers, along with two others (Joe, Dan and Nick Ausmus, with Corey Golon and Nate Wilson). They are a group of native Coloradoans and their genre is nonre, because you can't pin 'em down to one; don't even try. They've been gracious enough to cough up enough categories to give a general feel for the landscape of their loudness, so let's put it this way: if you could make a Redline Alchemy sandwich, you might have some mellow acoustic goodness with some zesty metal and warm, melty country nestled between slices of reggae and rock. Frankly, you'd be hard-pressed to come up with something that ISN'T on that sandwich. But one thing these guys always serve up is fun. Who doesn't need some of that?  

Check out Redline Alchemy’s Demo Tracks:

This is a band that likes to push their musical experimentation to the upper limits, hence the name "Redline" being the upper limits on a tachometer, and "Alchemy" being the pseudoscience of making gold from less valuable materials.  

Redline Alchemy is currently hoping to build a strong local following,  write more tunes, and perhaps perform at Red Rocks one day. No plans for complete world domination are currently in the works, which means you can kick back and fearlessly enjoy the show.  

And speaking of show, the gentlemen play this Friday, April 22nd at Riffs Rock and Roll Bar in Wheat Ridge from 9pm to 1am (free/21+ age limit). It’s a celebration for member Dan’s birthday, and the five-piece have some fun things planned for their set. RA are also compiling a mini tour in July, with shows in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Moab.  

Keep up with their shows and more on Facebook, or on their website.


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