Rebirth Brass Band Made Sure Denverites Celebrated The Holidays Right

By: Sierra Voss

Last friday night, Rebirth Brass Band took the stage at Denver’s Bluebird Theater. The energy at the Bluebird was high, as Denverites flocked to the venue to celebrate the holidays and much needed time to relax and dance with friends and family.  

The boys wasted no time getting the audience dancing, jumping right into their lively New Orleans musical ethos. Rebirth Brass Band was formed in 1983 by the Frazier Brothers. The band evolved as they played the streets of the French Quarter and at music festivals and events throughout the world. They are no doubt a skilled brass band at their roots, and lead the pack of brass bands in New Orleans. However, accomplished as they may be in the traditional brass band world, they are also known to incorporate funk, jazz, and hip-hop sounds into their music. This makes for quite the scene during their live shows, one that most would be hard-pressed to not fall in love with. 

In 2011 the group won a Grammy Award for their album Rebirth of New OrleansThis was their 15th album and was released by Basin Street Records. The Brass Band rolls eight members deep: Phillip "Phil" Frazier (tuba), Keith Frazier (bass drum), Derrick Tabb (snare drum), Chadrick Honoré (trumpet), Glenn Hall (trumpet), Gregory Veals (trombone), Stafford Agee (trombone), and Vincent Broussard (saxophone). RBB is well known in New Orleans, holding a coveted Tuesday night spot at the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street in Uptown, a respected and important venue to the city’s music scene.

At last weekend’s Denver show, audience members even brought whistles with them to jam along with the band, adding to the incredible energetic force of the entire evening. The boys played two back to back shows at the Bluebird, and were a great way to welcome in a weekend of holiday festivities.

RBB is touring throughout 2017, with shows currently posted through April. But while you’re waiting to catch their next gig, get your dance on with this crew here.


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