Rachel Cole: Boulder's "Inspirational Pop" Artist

Rachel Cole is a Boulder based “inspirational pop” singer/songwriter. She’s been writing and recording her own music for over 18 years, and most recently released her album Relentless (2015). The 12 song work boasts the talents of Peter Vantine, Peter Tentindo, Lou Spagnola, Bill (Bash) Melanson, Ken Clark, Andy Reiner, Gilda Betancourt, Tricia Pine, Kenny Lewis, and one of our local favorites, Robbie Stiefel. Cole has had radio success and toured across the US and internationally over the years with her music. And that’s because of her drive for a challenge, and her ability to bring people together through her music. As Cole told us:

All of my songs come out of something deeply personal within me, and they serve as either a beautiful memory of an experience, or as a catharsis from a challenge. The most amazing thing to me is when I hear from people who genuinely relate to a song, based on situations or feelings they have had themselves. Music is universal, and through it we can see our similarities, while our differences just fall away.”

Boulder's Rachel Cole.

Boulder's Rachel Cole.

Currently, Cole is working on recording her next album. Until that drops, check out Relentless here.

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