The Double Rs: Catch Rachel Ann and Riley Ann at the LG tonight!

By: Hannah Oreskovich

These ladies will be singing their hearts out for you tonight. 

Boulder-based artist Riley Ann.

Boulder-based artist Riley Ann.

“Two one-woman-bands, one stage, and an evening of bold storytelling through song.” That’s what tonight’s show at The Laughing Goat has been dubbed by performers Rachel Ann and Riley Ann. Both Rachel and Riley are Boulder based musicians, and tonight you can catch them doing their awesome one-woman-band thang! Rachel grew up traveling the west and listening to a lot of religious music and folk songs; Riley claims inspiration from Led Zeppelin and old-school hip hop. With that combination of influences, tonight’s show should be a pretty sweet set. Both ladies are multi-instrumentalists who use a lot of looping to create “the energy and dynamics of a full band.” Sounds pretty awesome peeps.

Boulder-based artist Rachel Ann.

Boulder-based artist Rachel Ann.

So head to the LG tonight, grab a hot chocolate, and catch the double Rs in action. Give ‘em each a listen here:

Rachel Ann:

Riley Ann:


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