Paper Bird Takes Flight With New Self-Titled Album

By: Riley Ann

The Denver-based band that started with quaint beginnings never could have predicted where they are, nor where they’re going. After working in the studio with John Oates (Hall and Oates), Paper Bird released their self-titled album this year under the record label Thirty Tigers.

Fans who have been following Paper Bird evolve over the years will recognize their signature harmonies by the band’s three frontwomen: Sarah Anderson, Genevieve Patterson, and Carleigh Aikens. However, with some gritty electric guitar, rock organ, and raw, heavy drums in the studio mix, the band flirts with the rock of their pop rock sound, skirting the edges of 70s folk rock with a fresh, clean take. Furthermore, the vocals of their new album showcase more dynamic textures from the ladies. While their previous album Rooms exemplified their mastery of pure, shimmering harmonies, the new album unveils more nuanced emotions through the vocals, spanning whispering vulnerability, raspy desperation, and powerhouse vocal lines stacked like golden bricks.

Guitarist Paul DeHaven shared, “We were a lot more intentional with the sound we wanted to create [on this record]. Everyone in the band writes, which adds eclecticism, and we chose the songs that would work together in a cohesive, powerful way, and resonate with each of us individually.”

Watch Paper Bird’s latest music video for their tune “Don’t Want Half”:

The album began with 50 tunes the six members had written; some of them as complete songs, some of them as fragments needing development. Collectively, the members developed the songs and pared them down to the 11 best. Unlike Rooms, which was written in a month and recorded in less than two weeks, their self-titled album was refined and polished over a two-year period.

“The ability to listen back really informed what we liked and didn't like, so recording ourselves over two years gave us a new perspective on what needed to be added and what needed to be stripped away,” said DeHaven.


Paper Bird’s latest release is currently available in record stores, but you can watch their music video for “Don’t Want Half above and stream the entire album on Spotify. See Paper Bird live next week on Saturday, October 29th at Ivywild School, a former elementary school that now functions as a community-building reimagined to link people, culture, and commerce. The show begins at 8PM, and tickets are $12 in advance and $15 day of the show. You can also catch Paper Bird next month too at Denver’s Bluebird Theater November 25th and 26th. Show details can be found on their website.


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