Music Video Release: Pamela Machala "Daychanger"

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Pamela Machala bakes her sounds. You'll see what we mean.

Pamela Machala.

Pamela Machala.

Local artist Pamela Machala released her video for “Daychanger” yesterday, the first track off of her latest LP, When I Get Home. The video follows Machala through New York City on what seems like a regular day-in-the-life of the average 9-5er: leaving a desk job, taking the subway, grocery shopping, and then cooking dinner. But what Pamela actually cooks up by the end might surprise you! So we chatted with Machala to learn more about working with the production team behind her video, her real-life love of cooking, and her plans for the fall. Read on:

Pete Laffin actually reviewed your LP When I Get Home for us back in June. We’ve had it on rotation since! How did you decide which song to produce a video for?

The lyrics of this song are very visual, so I thought it would work well for creating a video. It’s also one of my favorites on the new album, so I could stomach the thought of listening to it another 1000 times during the editing process!

What was it like filming in NYC and working with Daniel Pleck and David Stolarsky?

Dan and David are two of my oldest friends and have been making movie magic together for many years. We had a great time filming. At one point it kind of devolved into a cooking show, and then later we got kicked out of the subway... basically it was a non-stop thrill ride.

So many of us can relate to your daily routine in the video. Tell us what you’re hoping viewers take away from this after watching it.

This song was inspired by a wise friend who told me that she has certain songs she can listen to after a crappy day that will totally turn her day around. She calls them ‘daychangers.’ The album (and this song especially) is about the everyday grind of adult life and figuring out how to be happy within that, and about finding things that you love and creating time for those things. I like the ambiguity of what the ‘daychanger’ actually is, because I think it’s something different for everyone. I hope it inspires people to think about their own ‘daychangers.’

Do you enjoy cooking in real life? 

Haha, yes. I love cooking! it’s not so different from songwriting or any other creative process. And I usually have a better sense of what should go in a casserole dish!

Do you have plans for any other video releases from When I Get Home? What else are you up to this fall?

A music video for “Barista” is in the works - stay tuned! I’ll be playing a show at Shine on Saturday October 10 with Wilson Harwoodwhich will be a great time.  I'm also pursuing some licensing opportunities for songs from When I Get Home. Mainly, my plans for the fall are to write a lot of new material.

We can't wait to hear it! Watch the "Daychanger" video here:


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