Colorado's OvalofSand Releases New Single "Thumb Tacky"

By: Dom Ellerbee

Friends: I would like to introduce you to the new, original, and very intricate musical musings of Boulder artist ovalofsand. Originally from Colorado, venturing to the rain soaked lands of the Pacific Northwest for a time, and eventually settling back down in Colorado, ovalofsand manages to enthrall his listeners with tales of times best left forgotten.



Listen to ovalofsand’s “Thumb Tacky”:

The debut single off of his upcoming album Stronger/Stranger, entitled “Thumb Tacky”, manages to give you a fleeting glimpse of the overall record; a short summary of what this developing masterpiece will be. I had the privilege of being one of the first to hear the upcoming album in it’s entirety, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised:

Imagine yourselves in a sensory deprivation chamber, blasting this track on full volume, and listen. In doing so you will be taken to a strange, yet somehow familiar library of sound. Ambient melodies coupled with light-hearted guitar work make for some impressive and astonishingly beautiful tunes. This is just about the closest thing you’ll get to the sound of the Seattle underground. You’ll find songs with the mood of bands like Magnog, and the melodic capabilities of Kissing Book.

Stronger/Stranger is a concept album that follows the story of a toxic relationship, escaping that relationship, and moving on from it. It truly is a wonderful, fresh, and original new piece of art. The combination of sounds on the record serve the sole purpose of telling a wonderful story, and making you feel something powerful again.

ovalofsand laying tracks.

ovalofsand laying tracks.

If you want a little taste of what you can expect from ovalofsand, take a listen above, or head over to Spotify to hear this artist’s first album, Dear Forest, under his old name, "Young Jesse". Stick around, and listen to everything ovalofsand has to offer. BolderBeat will update you when Stronger/Stranger drops for the public, but in the meantime, I think you will love what you hear on “Thumb Tacky”.


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