Open to the Hound Explores Singularity and Multi-Dimensionality In Their New "Liquid Lady" Music Video

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Visuals. Visuals. Visuals.

It’s trippy, it’s surreal, it’s Open to the Hound. This trio has quickly become one of my favorite bands to listen to since first hearing their music. They have defined their own sound, blending atmospheric vibes, surreal imagery, and subtly haunting lyricism. The wilderness rock group is about to release their newest single, “Liquid Lady”, along with a phantasmal music video.

“Liquid Lady” yet again showcases Open to the Hound’s knack for the dreamlike scenarios that one might concoct in this lifetime or another. It takes you on a journey of a cosmic traveler, finding himself in a snow-ridden, seemingly desolate area in the woods. All you hear is a blend of white noise, wind, and heavy breathing. He dons a golden fawn mask and a shawl, and after a brief glimpse of him questioning his surroundings, the traveler leads you into a small tent where the music takes over.

The subtlety of this song leaves it open to many interpretations. It touches on the concepts of physical singularity, infinite density, and multi-dimensional space-time travel. Through the fluid movements of the Liquid Lady, the music speaks as though sending a message from our future selves to our present selves, who are watching the video. The lyrics seem to hint to both a praise and a warning about our traveler’s infinite nature:

I can find anything I want to find, in our lifetime, in our lifetime.

We are from anywhere, anyone knows, in our lifetime, in our lifetime.”

On top of the ethereal feel of the video, this song absolutely rocks. Garrison Owen Yorke, as usual, slays with his guitarwork and does not shy from hitting those high notes, while Jarrod Allen Lacy and Russell Anderson bring an equally fluid dynamic to the track.

So if you’re itching for a trip down the rabbit hole, be sure to listen to Open to the Hound’s “Liquid Lady.” They explore our relationship with the universe, sewn together with rock music and nature. 

Watch Open to the Hound's "Liquid Lady" Music Video:


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