Get Lost In of Montreal's 'Innocence' This Monday at Denver's Bluebird Theater

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Experimental electronic pop rock outfit of Montreal are hitting The Bluebird stage this Monday, October 17th. Kevin Barnes, who originally formed the band in 1996, has transformed the group over time from indie pop to funky glam rock to its current electronic sound. The band, whose lineup includes Barnes (vocals/multiple instruments), Clayton Rychlik (drums/keys/guitar/bass), Jojo Glidewell (keys), Davey Pierce (bass), and Nicolas Dobbratz (keys/percussion/bass/guitar), just released their latest record Innocence Reaches in August 2016. It’s full of electronic and prog rock vibes, and is the band’s fourteenth release over the span of their prolific career.

Watch of Montreal’s newest music video for their song “it’s different for girls”:

Barnes, an original Elephant 6er member, has been know for the dynamicness of his live shows since the band’s inception. Incorporating colorful visual elements, vibrant costuming, and energetic theatrics throughout of Montreal’s sets, Monday’s show at The ‘Bird is sure to tickle all of your senses.

Tickets are still available for only $20 in advance and can be purchased here. Doors are at 8PM, and we’ll be there snapping pics and dancing away the Monday blues with Barnes & Co. Come get down with us!


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