My Morning Jacket's Red Rocks Show Rocked

By: Hannah Oreskovich

My Morning Jacket slayed their sold out show. Duh.

My Morning Jacket graced the Red Rocks stage this weekend: It was general admission seats packed fifteen minutes after the doors opened. It was Jim James in a colorful button-down covered in psychedelic eyes, but sporting sunglasses the whole show to shade his own. It was the first few rows near the stage lifting a girl up as if she were being crucified by sound during “Believe.” It was everyone hands in the air; vibing, grooving, dancing. It was girls behind me screaming with worship during the intro of every song. It was Jim James playing to the back wall of the RR stage during “Dondante,” making the crowd wonder if James was, in his own way, playing to the spirit of Aaron Todovich. It was Carl Broemel wailing on multiple guitars and making sax solos actually look cool. It was an encore with a special appearance by Brandi Carlile (who had a sold-out RR show the following night). It was James turning said encore into a monotone chant after asking Red Rocks to cut the lights, the band to cut the music, and everyone to chant along with him. It was Bo Koster looking like Zorro on the keys. It was every single soul headbanging during “Highly Suspicious.” It was Patrick Hallahan winding up over and over like a windmill to pump out heartbeats. It was James telling us when it was almost over that playing between the Red Rocks walls felt like “we’ve been in the womb tonight and now we’re born again!” It was three hours ending with “One Big Holiday.” It was the crowd buzzing toward their cars with an electric current in the air even after everything was said and done. It was My Morning Jacket.


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