Music Video Release: Amy Kress' "Iceland"

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Pop artist Amy Kress released an icy new video.

We’ve recently been chatting with Denver music company BLDGBLKS and last week, one of their artists, Amy Kress, dropped a new music video for her single “Iceland.” The track is on her sophomore album Fly, which was written as a project of healing and reflection during Kress’ battle with cancer. “Iceland” itself was actually inspired by one of Kress’ friends, who booked a romantic getaway for her and her boyfriend there.

Said Denver-based singer/songwriter Kress, “I couldn’t imagine what she was thinking [booking a trip to Iceland] but then she explained [that] she just wanted to be curled up warm in his arms while a cold, dark winter raged on outside.”

Though there’s an element of darkness to the single, there’s also one of light, especially in Kress’ video for the track. “Iceland” was filmed this past August during a “secret show” at Kress’ home. There were over 6,000 lights strung throughout her backyard- over trees and instruments. There were candles strewn all around and a full moon above, which only added to the warmth of the visuals that parallel Kress’ vocals in the song.

Break the chill and give “Iceland” a watch for yourself here:


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