Denver's Marquis Theatre Set for a Night of Lady-Fronted Rock This Saturday

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Rock. Punk. Alternative. That’s how Boulder’s Mr. Atomic describe themselves. The four-piece outfit comprised of Boneth Ahaneku (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Matt Stewart (lead guitar), Mitch Rushton (bass), and Mike Suriano (drums) have been playing together for a little over a year now in the Colorado scene. And in that time, they’ve managed to snag gigs at Cervantes’, Lion’s Lair, and The Roxy Theatre while simultaneously getting picked up by Colorado’s At Night Group label.

Mr. Atromic.

Mr. Atromic.

Best known in the local punk scene for their “melodic, funk-tinted, punk rock music and lively stage presence”, Mr. Atomic are bringing their live show to you this weekend at Denver’s Marquis Theatre! This Saturday, August 6th at 7PM, Mr. Atomic will share the stage with Rotten Reputation, The Hits, and LaRissa Vienna and the Strange. All of the bands on board are female-fronted acts, which is awesome. This lineup is sure to give you a solid punk rock fix, Colorado, and tickets are only $10 in advance.

Currently, Mr. Atomic are working on recording their debut EP, which is slated to be released this fall. Until then, head over to one of their live sets, and keep up with them here.


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