Victors & Spoils' Mustaches and Man Glands for Movember Event Tonight

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Doesn’t everyone love a good mustache? We do. And that’s why we thought you’d better know that Victors & Spoils in Boulder is hosting an event called Mustaches and Man Glands for Movember tonight. Man glands? Yes. We said it.

Victors & Spoils, which sits on the corner of 19th and Pearl, is an advertising agency that “opens its creative and strategy process to people around the globe.” But tonight, the joint is going full-barbershop mode for a good cause. Artists from VooDoo Lounge will be posted up at V&S to trim your man beard for a suggested donation of $20. They’ll help you transform your pre-winter scruff into the mustache of your dreams (maybe try one of these?). The entire event benefits the Movember Foundation, with 100% of proceeds going to Movember for prostate cancer research. The first shave starts at 4PM and the last snip is slated for 7PM.

Join the Facebook event for more info.

Or put your man gland balls to the wall and sign up for a trim here.


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