Moon Taxi Rocked Boulder's Fox Theatre

By: Annie Kane

People trekked through the snow for Moon Taxi this week and it was worth it.

Despite an unanticipated snowstorm on St. Patrick’s Day, Nashville’s Moon Taxi still called forth the crowds to the Fox Theatre in Boulder. From the beginning to the end of their two-hour set, every song was a hit. Fans didn’t stop dancing, as every lyric was memorized, and they begged the band to do encore after encore. Moon Taxi returned the crowd’s excitement, rocking out just as hard and stretching their instruments to their fullest and loudest capabilities.

There’s something magical about Moon Taxi that sets them apart from other artists. Their sound is miles different live than if they were cranked to the loudest set on the best speaker. Their choruses, often containing a call and response, get the audience riled and energetic (i.e. “Year Zero”). And though they’re a five-piece, their collective sound stays tight. This most likely comes from endless touring after releasing and promoting four LPs in only four years.

It’s evident that every member of the band is a talented and knowledgeable instrumentalist. In between their hair-flipping guitar riffs and echoing verses, every member was sharply focused on producing the freshest sound from their instruments. Most notable was drummer Tyler Ritter, who led the crowd on a spinning freestyle for about five minutes as the rest of the band cleared the stage. He consistently escalated the beat and kept the rest of the band on track. Ritter’s sharp abilities can be heard best in my personal favorite, “Run Right Back”.

As Ritter flexed his skills between keeping the beat steady and building anticipation for guitarist Spencer Thomson to take over in ethereal notes, keyboardist Wes Bailey often came out of nowhere with jazzy notes to spice up the nontraditional indie-rock sound that is Moon Taxi. And atop it all was Dave Grohl-emulating lead singer, Trevor Terndrup, who never lost energy. While belting out the lyrics of every song, he kept the crowd and his bandmates hyped by running between them, encouraging everyone to keep jamming.

Whether or not you listen to their music religiously, as some of the Fox crowd members clearly did, Moon Taxi is a must-see live band. It is a refreshing experience to be a part of a crowd so friendly and passionate; a beautiful mix of people, all of whom could be seen twirling another around the dance floor. Air guitarists were in full attendance, and there wasn’t a disappointed face to be found. If you get the chance to see Moon Taxi live, take it. The energy is guaranteed to be insane and the shared love is always palpable.

Watch a Moon Taxi live performance of "All Day All Night":


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