Denver's New Indie-Pop Folk-Rock Outfit Modern Leisure Play The UMS This Sunday

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Born out of Denver, Modern Leisure is a new indie-pop folk-rock band headed by Casey Banker (Shady Elders, The Don’t and Be Carefuls). Other familiar faces from the Denver music scene are also on board this project, including Ian Gassman, Kevin Kohl, Nicholas Layne, and Cody Coffey. Just this summer, the five-piece released their debut single, “Ella For Real”, a soothing indie pop dream with upbeat percussion and catchy vocal effects.

Modern Leisure

Modern Leisure

The group describe their sound as, “illicit tales of hedonism and heartbreak under the guise of lush guitars and a hodgepodge of warm melodies”, and it’s catching on. Modern Leisure have played a slew of Denver gigs this summer, and even made an appearance on Radio1190. You can catch them next at The UMS this weekend, where they’re slotted to play 3 Kings Tavern on Sunday, July 31st at 7PM. Don’t miss out! We’ll catch yah there Colorado.

Listen to Modern Leisure’s “Ella For Real”:

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