MikeyLee The Underdog Gets Midwest Wavy

By: Claire Woodcock

MikeyLee is here for the outsiders. 

When I first heard MikeyLee (Mike Koch), formerly known as White Boy Spacey, I was most impressed with his mix of modern music effects in his tracks. He describes himself as a “new era” rapper with a West Coast/Down South twist. ML is the jungle juice of the basement party, throwing down beats served up as a concoction of Mac Miller meeting Kendrick Lamar for the first time, and having a lasting impression. But MikeyLee says he’s not particularly inspired by anyone: “I truly believe a real artist can be inspired by anything and utilize it in their expression.”



A rad word master ready to get wavy on the weekends, MikeyLee’s music is loud and goes hard. Each song employs tones texturizing his rampant raps. “Sort Of” lights conventional rap on fire; he says right in the song that his words are “too complex for the simple-minded”. “Over: Back Against The Wall” echoes new age style elements that strike back, taking shots for the underdog.

MikeyLee started rapping and got his tag at a young age: “I started writing to instrumentals at age 10, when you could buy tapes and they had the instrumentals on the other side.” From there, his stage name developed: “[Releasing under a tag] gives me a larger platform to address life issues [so] my opinions on topics are heard by a broader audience,” he told BolderBeat.

Originally from San Diego, MikeyLee’s been slammin’ the Midwest with sick beats for years. After founding his music label LeftFieldMusicCo two years ago, he is striving to beat the normal through his own work, and those of the artists he represents. “My mission would be to show that you can be an out of the box, non-conforming artist and still be acknowledged,” he said.

And that’s exactly why MikeyLee is pushing to make music his full time career: for himself, for his family, for his LeftFieldMusicCO artists, and for his audience. His current game plan? Push boundaries and make people think. MikeyLee is an artist here to show that the underdog and outsiders are the ones working hard. Not just because they have to, but because they are hungry.

Look out for MikeyLee’s first album Kill, Kill, Kill ‘Em All for download on iTunes and streaming on Spotify in September.


All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.