Breakfast for Dinner: Lawrence Brought Home the Bacon to Denver's Larimer Lounge Last Sunday

By: Sierra Voss

I think nothing in this world beats an epic Sunday morning breakfast. You know what I’m talking about. It’s a breakfast with pancakes, a glass of OJ, a bowl of fresh fruit, the best egg scramble AND a cup of coffee (or three). A good Sunday morning breakfast can make you smile away weekday worries and fuel you up for the rest of your “Sunday Funday”. It’s magical stuff. The band Lawrence wonderfully captured this magical vibe on their 12-song debut album, which has been titled none other than, well, Breakfast. I got to experience this wizardry first hand last Sunday, during their show at Denver’s Larimer Lounge.


The band is led by New York-based siblings, Clyde (22) and Gracie (19) Lawrence, accompanied by six other band members. Lawrence blends old school with new sounds, propelling the group on a mission to write the music they wish “pop” sounded like. Breakfast integrates pop soul with deeply rooted R&B vibes, all the while pulling classic sounds from musical influences such as The Beatles, Randy Newman, Etta James, Stevie Wonder and Janis Joplin.

Watch Lawrence’s official music video for “Misty Morning”:

Lawrence put on an epic live show. They were playful, soulful and incredibly energetic. The band defiantly fed off of the audience’s involvement as they called out for chorus lyrics and claps to accompany their groove throughout the performance. Gracie Lawrence stuck out as the powerhouse of the band, and I was extremely impressed at how well her vocal tone carried over the seven different instruments on stage with her. She continuously ripped out melody lines throughout the show that made me weak in the knees.



Lawrence has already been on the road for six months. They recently played Bonnaroo Music Festival, which the two expressed was a super exciting experience, as it was the group’s first big festival. They have 12 more stops to go on the 2016 Breakfast Tour. I highly recommended trying to catch one of their shows, and if they are’nt rolling through your city this summer, take a listen to their album. Better yet, play it on a morning you have time to slow down and cook an epic weekend breakfast.

Shilo Gold. Photo per the author.

Shilo Gold. Photo per the author.

Alright, I am going to take it back to the beginning of the night. It wouldn’t be right to end this without mentioning Sunday night’s show opener and soulful vibe setter, Shilo Gold. This Colorado native has recently made her way back to Denver after spending the last five years in LA. She just concluded her first three-month US tour in support of her debut EP, Sideways Glances. Shilo has an incredibly strong and authentic presence on stage. Her performance Sunday night filled the venue with smoky vocals and bluesy melody lines that left me wanting more. I am pretty excited to see her lay roots in the Denver music scene. For all you Colorado kids out there, she is playing shows all summer!  

All in all, Sunday night’s show served me up some breakfast for dinner… and it was real good.


All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.