Katherine Homes Releases New Album 'Speak' & Creates First SeedCD™

By: Sierra Voss

Katherine Homes, a longtime Colorado resident, released her new solo album Speak last month. The album features Homes on vocals and guitar, Jeb Bows (Gregory Alan Isakov) on violin, Chris Newton (Mayhem Gulch) on banjo, and Ari Levi on cello. Speak is a beautiful and dynamic eight track album worth the listen.

Katherine Homes.

Katherine Homes.

As if creating this kickass album wasn’t enough, Katherine also created a sustainable way to distribute her music in a physical form to her fans. Maybe I am too nostalgic but, I love CDs. There is something so gratifying about walking away from a show with something physical from a newly discovered artist you sought out or stumbled into, or simply from an artist you know and love. That personal, physical transaction between artist and listener is special.

In July of 2016, Homes created the first SeedCD™. It’s a coaster-like 4”x4” piece of handmade recycled paper that has non-GMO seeds embedded into it. The ink is water soluble and environmentally safe, and once you purchase the SeedCD™, you gain access to a unique code that you later plug into Homes’ website. Once entered, you can download the album. The most incredible part is that once you are done with the download, you can literally walk outside and go plant your SeedCD™. Rad.

Homes is truly a creative force. She has created a lifestyle that embodies her passion for music, painting, and her love for nature. Her authenticity and good vibes can be felt throughout everything she does, and is the foundation for her album Speak.

Check out Katherine Homes’ brilliant creation SeedCD™ here! And take a listen to my favorite track from the record, “Put Down Your Gun.


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