Jeremy Mohney Is 'On The Mellowside' With New EP Release

By: Zach Dahmen

Jeremy Mohney, a local swing crooner, is back with another four song EP entitled On The Mellowside. The release was produced locally with a cast of Boulder musicians, including Jason Bertone on upright bass, Matt Cantor on electric guitar, and engineering by Derek Warwick. This is Mohney’s third release, and his second of 2016; we covered his last EP, Get Dancin’, back in May.

Jeremy Mohney.

Jeremy Mohney.

On The Mellowside is a collection of slow-crooning swing featuring minimal vocals. It showcases Mohney’s prowess on the saxophone. The exception to this rule is the title track, a bouncy call-and-response tune sure to get dancers out on the floor. The low-fi production of this release showcases the raw talent that Mohney and his cohorts have in creating their timeless sound. Each musician gets their own space to breathe life into the arrangements, and that simplicity allows for an intimate feel in every track. It’s a style of music done with authenticity, love, and talent that really helps transport the listener to another time and space.

Watch Jeremy Mohney’s newest music video for his tune “Sometimes I Can’t Think”:

Mohney has been entertaining the Front Range for years with his authentic swing, drawing crowds and creating dance floors from venues, to house parties, to the Pearl Street Mall. If there was ever a doubt that there is a swing community in the Front Range, Mohney has managed to lay that rumor to rest.

Make sure to go see Jeremy Mohney for yourself this weekend! He’s throwing his release party this Saturday, September 3rd at The No Name Bar in Boulder. Details here.

On The Mellowside will be available for purchase and listening this Saturday as well, on Mohney’s Bandcamp page.


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