Interstate 10 Premiere's Their Summertime Smash Single & Music Video "Let's Ride"

By: Jura Daubenspeck

If you’re looking for your next feel-good sun-soaking antheM, look no further. After weeks of anticipation, the dynamic duo Interstate 10 has finally released their newest single and music video "Let’s Ride".

Unlike their previously released tribute song, "I’m Gonna Miss You", this newest single is a summertime smash that will leave you shaking the sand out of your hair for days. It’s a ballad to one of the finest things about the summer: kicking back and enjoying life with those you hold most dear. With an upbeat feel and an unmistakable message of fun, you can’t help but turn up the volume on this tune about summer love, delicious ice cold brews, and never-ending adventures.

The duo recorded their vocals for the tune at The Spot Studios prior to their recent deployment, and have been steadily releasing more of their music to their devoted fanbase. After the immense success of the release of "I’m Gonna Miss You," they partnered with Grammy award-winning producer Nathan Chapman. Chapman, who has worked with artists such as Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Lady Antebellum, was incredibly excited to take on the endeavor of producing their upcoming release "Let’s Ride". They are also working with fellow Grammy nominated mix engineer/songwriter/producer Kevin Kadish as well, who produced Meghan Trainor’s hit song "All About That Bass".

The exciting news continues with Interstate 10, as a number of radio stations, including WUSY 101, Thunder 100.3, Conch Country 98.7, 107.3 Mountain Country, KXLO - KLCM 95.9, and Wild Country 99 will be premiering the single and music video on its official release date, Friday, August 5th. The Heartland TV Network will be premiering the song on August 4th, and will broadcast it all weekend long on a regular rotation, so make sure to tune in!

With the end of summer creeping ever-slowly around the corner, it’s no doubt we’ll all need a little Vitamin D-soaked pick-me-up to keep us going. It’s guaranteed that after listening to Interstate 10’s "Let’s Ride", you’ll be itching to hop into your car, drive to the nearest body of water, and unwind with a smile singing:

"And Let’s Ride
Come on baby, Let’s Ride
Leave it all behind tonight
Come on baby, Let’s Ride
Leave it all behind tonight."

With all the success Interstate 10 are experiencing, Justin and Andrew are remarkably charismatic and friendly guys who cherish every interaction on their page. Despite being overseas, they have been making appearances via Facebook LiveStream, and are excited to announce their upcoming endeavors with their fans. So get connected with them on Facebook and stay up to date on their latest moves!


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