I Can't Stop Listening to Kurt Vile's "Pretty Pimpin"

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Kurt Vile's latest is just pure indie gold.

Ok kids. I just can’t keep quiet anymore. I have to tell you about Kurt Vile’s latest album b’lieve i’m goin down. More specifically, I have to tell you about Kurt Vile’s latest single, “Pretty Pimpin.” And that’s because it’s so.damn.good. There are catchy guitars, the kick pulls just right, the harmonies aren’t the sort of harmonies you’d expect on this track (which makes them all the more catchy somehow and seriously awesome), and the bridge kicks ass. It's also got this sort of '90s element to it that I can't fully articulate, but that I love

Look- I was skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure how to feel about a song titled “Pretty Pimpin” sung by some white-boy-singer-songwriter-from-Philly, ok? And this apprehension was coming from someone who has dug on on their fair share of Kurt Vile goodness (crushed on his former work in War on Drugs and he kept my heart beating when he went solo and did things like “He’s Alright” and “Wakin on a Pretty Day.”) But really- this new album is Vile’s finest work. It’s instrumentally well-done, the production is tight, and Vile really seems like he’s found it. He’s found that thing. This album also has the most potential for mass appeal of anything that Vile’s put out, and although that’s typically when I start to detest an artist, it’s somehow working in his favor on this one.

I’ve had “Pretty Pimpin” on repeat for days. And of course I bought b'lieve i'm goin down. So give it a spin, and watch the video for "Pretty Pimpin" below. Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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