Homevibe for the Holidays: Taylor Carson This Saturday!

By: Hannah Oreskovich

We're featuring all the bands on Homevibe's Holiday Show bill this week. 

Happy Hump Day! We’re just FOUR days away from our holiday show with Homevibe Presents and we’re getting pretty stoked. The magic happens Saturday at The Walnut Room in Denver and you can still get tickets here. We’ve been bringing you exclusive content on all of the artists involved in the show every day this week, so let’s get to it! Today we’ve got Taylor Carson in the hotseat. Read on:

Taylor Carson. 

Taylor Carson. 

Virginia-based Taylor Carson first rose to fame in 2010 with the release of his record Defending the Name. The album won an independent music award, put him on stage with artists like Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers and Eric Hutchinson, and launched him into the life of a touring musician. When it comes to sound and influences, “Carson hails from the land of the Dave Matthews Band, Virginia Coalition, and O.A.R. [and] while he built his musical chops on the shoulders of these acoustic rock superstars, his lyrical inspiration comes from timeless wordsmiths like Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, and Martin Sexton.” Sweet.

So Taylor! It’s rumored that Saturday’s show is ski-wear themed. We’re excited. You’re excited. Any plans for a ridiculously awesome ski ensemble that you can share with us?

I plan on heli-skiing through the roof of The Walnut Room and landing perfectly behind the mic.

We like your style. Tell us what you’re currently working on.

I have a new record called Go Amaze coming out in early 2016. My writing is maturing with me, and that is satisfying. I am a lot more grounded at 33 than I ever dreamed I would be. We are also back in the studio [already] making another record. For me, writing is the most enjoyable part of being a musician.

Taylor and Abe.

Taylor and Abe.

Sounds like you’ve been in the studio a lot- awesome! If you had to record one holiday song, which one would you choose?

I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” It’s a perfect song. Did you know that a large number of Christmas songs are written by people who celebrate Chanukah? Fun fact.

Haha good to know! So what are you most looking forward to about Saturday’s show?

The pizza at The Walnut Room is superb.

Hell yes. Pizza on pizza. Can’t wait.

Come grab a slice with Taylor Carson this Saturday. Get your tickets here. And join the Facebook event here.

Watch a T.C. vid in anticipation for the show:


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