Homevibe for the Holidays: Augustus This Saturday!

By: Hannah Oreskovich

We're featuring all the bands on Homevibe's Holiday Show bill this week. 

Boulder's Augustus.

Boulder's Augustus.

Hey Beaters- like we mentioned yesterday, we’re partnered with Homevibe Presents for their 9th Annual Homevibe Holiday Concert this Saturday 12/12 at The Walnut Room in Denver! As promised, we will be bringing you content on each of the performers for Saturday’s lineup, so let’s get to it! Here’s our blurb on Augustus:

Augustus is a Boulder-based trio “harvested from the most significant American musical movements- folk, blues, and jazz” consisting of Colin Kelly (vocals/guitar), Jim Herlihy (guitar/drums/banjo), and Jesse Wright (cello/bass). In the past year, Augustus has played to a sold-out Fox Theatre, released their EP Into Frames, which was critically acclaimed as “Colorado’s strongest psych-rock/mashup album of 2015” by Colorado Music Buzz, and traveled the state performing shows. We’ve featured their work before, which you can check out here and here. But it was time for a catchup! Here’s our chat:

So guys- first things first! What have you been up to as of late?

Well we recently upgraded some home studio gear and so we’re in the process of recording a new round of demos. We plan to tweak those and re-record them a few times until we like them. Once we do, we will head back up to Madhouse Studio in Leadville to record another EP. And as far as shows next year, we’re making a couple of trips to Summit County for some performances.

Augustus at Their fox theatre show.

Augustus at Their fox theatre show.

Sounds like a sweet start to the New Year. Let’s talk Saturday! Are you guys going to do anything fun with the ski-theme?

Colin has talked about bringing his shot ski. . .

Shots with the band? I think we’re up for that! So in the spirit of the holiday party, we’re asking everyone on the lineup: What’s your favorite holiday song?

Jim won’t stop pushing for us to cover a Christmas song. He really likes Vince Guaraldi’s instrumental “Christmas Time is Here”.  

With Jesse’s strannng power, that could be pretty fun! Anything else you’re pumped about for the show Saturday?

The sound in The Walnut Room is amazing, and this will be our first time playing with all of the other artists on the bill. We’re really looking forward to hearing each of them.

So there you have it! Come party with Augustus this Saturday! Get your tickets here. And join the Facebook event here.

Watch an Augustus live performance video to get yourself amped for the show:


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