BolderBeat Will Be Covering The Growlers' Sold Out Fox Theatre Show Tonight

By: Claire Woodcock

Are you hitting up the much anticipated Growlers’ show in Boulder this Saturday night? You better believe that we are!

BolderBeat has received confirmation that we’ll be bringing fellow music gurus exclusive coverage from The Growlers show at The Fox Theatre tonight. The anticipation has been building on our end for weeks- we have the email chains to prove it.

The Growlers.

The Growlers.

I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to go ahead and say that these “beach goth” rockers from California have been on my mind since summer 2014, when their fifth album Chinese Fountain came out. But the band’s November 2013 release Gilded Pleasures could possibly be the album that helps me justify selling my soul to the music journalism world.

Listen to Guilded Pleasures:

The Growlers continue to prove themselves prolific with City Club, the band’s eighth album in six years. City Club drops next Friday, September 30 on Cult Records, and we’re ready to let you know what’s up with these new Julian Casablancas-produced tracks. You can bet that “I’ll Be Around” and “City Club” are the beach goth group’s Strokesiest songs yet.

Denver DJ boyhollow will open the show tonight. Also known as Michael Trundle, boyhollow is the founder of Lipgloss, the country’s longest running indie/soul dance club. He'll be spreading goth vibes before The Growlers hit the stage.

Look for us wearing our beat buttons at the foot of the stage tonight, and stay tuned for my forthcoming, unfiltered thoughts and contributor Hannah’s action shots. Colorado is so hot for The Growlers, and we think we might know why. Can’t wait to let you know what’s up at this SOLD OUT show, Boulder!


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