Gina Sobel Releases Tenth Album, 'World's Getting Loud'

Gina Sobel.

Gina Sobel.

We first brought you music by Gina Sobel back in March, when the skillful singer was making her way through a Colorado tour with her band, Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine. But the Charlottesville-based singer has been busy since then, and most recently, she released her latest full length album World’s Getting Loud.

Listen to Gina Sobel’s World’s Getting Loud:

The seven-song album showcases Sobel’s smooth vocals, opening with the haunting tune “All Day Long”. It proceeds through a number of easy-listening tracks, most of which were written by Sobel herself. The lyrics throughout Sobel’s tenth release are personal, and her storytelling abilities keep you following along as the album rolls on. Overall, World’s Getting Loud is a great addition to Sobel’s prolific library of work.

Sobel just made her way through Colorado for the summer, and has a number of dates booked across the US for the fall. Make sure to keep up with her tour schedule, and until you have the chance to catch her live, give Sobel’s latest release a listen for yourself! Follow Gina Sobel on Facebook here.


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