Listening to Gina Sobel Feels Like a Mid-Summer Celebration

By: Dawn Raymond

Gina Sobel will transport you to summer.

Gina Sobel.

Gina Sobel.

Listening to Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine feels like a mid-summer celebration- you can almost feel the sun kiss your face. The down-to-earth style and the upbeat tempo of their sound nearly demands that you get on your feet and get your groove on. Gina's winsome vocals are sometimes accented by her flute or saxophone skills, and the band members (David French- vocals/guitar, Ryan Lee- guitar, Simon Evans- bass, Pat Hayes- drums) mesh quite well, with David's vocals being a welcome addition to the mix. There is a serious vibe about the band, but also a light-heartedness that is genuine and welcoming. 

Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine have made several appearances in Colorado during the month of March, the last of which is tonight at The Pearl Street Pub. If you want to get your summer on this spring, check out their website for other show dates and locations.

And give Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine a listen for yourself below:


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