Get Along's Back At It With Their Live Recording of "Karaoke"

By: Jura Daubenspeck

After a musical hiatus, Nicholas and Cara Yañez, of the Denver group Get Along, are back at it. They've made live appearances at The Moon Room, Summit Music Hall, and at Larimer Lounge, alongside Teal and Tangent, Amy Kress, and Oh, Be Clever respectively. And the duo don't seem to be stopping any time soon.

Watch Get Along’s live performance of “DNA”:

On top of their shows and raising their infant daughter, Laika, the pair just recorded two live performance sessions at The Spot Studios for their songs "DNA" and "Karaoke," both of which will be featured on their upcoming album.

Recording at The Spot Studios.

Recording at The Spot Studios.

"Karaoke", which was officially released today, harnesses Get Along’s gift for the odd, the visceral, and the vibrant. It definitely tips its hat to their soul, punk, and electronic musical style, and it carries its own unique message within it.

Cara in the studio.

Cara in the studio.

The song starts off with a low rhythmic synth beat, almost something you'd expect to hear in a cultish noir film like Blade Runner; the tempo builds until it's surprisingly met with Cara's ukulele-playing, which takes you to a sunny, beach-side paradise. With this unique pairing, your expectations for this song are already shaken, and your attention is held. Cara's vocals are solemn, powerful, and moving, and all the while Nick gradually incorporates his drum playing, until the song reaches a punk rock crescendo, with the two singing in unison.

Watch Get Along’s “Karaoke”:

Even with its upbeat, alternative sound, "Karaoke" touches on a deeper meaning. It reflects not just the group's disdain of the musical "art form" of karaoke, but also the value of originality over conformity. It preaches finding freedom in one's unique design rather than "karaoke-ing" one’s way through life; and through that original journey, finding peace and empowerment. The lyrics are not a jab at karaoke, but a poetic reflection of keeping true to your own creativity, whether it's generally accepted or not:

But the songs never seem to sound the same,
with the lyrics rolling down on the video screen.
So sing a song that makes them remiss;
brings them back to the lovers and friends who are gone.
If Karaoke is as easy as they say it is,
then why can't I sing it for shit?
If it's as easy as they say it is,
then why can't I sing?

If "Karaoke" is the delicious appetizer for what's to come from Get Along's upcoming releases, I am incredibly excited. Their ability to juggle family life with crafting a totally new sound for their music continues to impress me, and I cannot wait to see what's in store for these two. Connect with the creative duo on Facebook to see what else they're up to.


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