Evan Holm & The Restless Ones Have Us Reminiscing On 'Good Old Days' New EP

By: Jesse Sandoval

That feeling when you’re alone and suddenly reminded of your former lover’s touch. When you realize you’ve been without something precious for far too long. When you think about the mistakes you wish you didn’t make. When you wonder if your lingering nostalgia is another rivertooth mistake... These are the kinds of feelings that Denver’s Evan Holm & The Restless Ones stir up in the two folk soul tracks they have most recently gifted us, “Good Old Days” and “Long Gone”.

Denver's Evan Holm.

Denver's Evan Holm.

Beautifully recorded live, and on tape at Silo Sound with Todd Divel, the band's two new tantalizing tracks will be part of their latest EP, titled Good Old Days, which is set for release this week. And let me tell you, this is a release I am stoked on.

Listen to Evan Holm & The Restless One’s “Good Old Days”:

Evan Holm & The Restless Ones have managed to produce tracks that are silky smooth, soulful, and show a balanced maturity of gratifying writing and performance with “Good Old Days” and “Long Gone”. The reverb on these tunes is so comforting that it’s almost as though the alleviating effects of the music were made sonic. It is beautiful music. The group is releasing two new songs this week from the EP as well, "What I Know" and "You Are You".

Since “Good Old Days” and “Long Gone” were recorded live, we already have a sense of how tight the group is. It’s no surprise then that the five-piece have already played some major Denver gigs, and even had a UMS spot this summer.  

Evan Holm & The Restless Ones.

Evan Holm & The Restless Ones.

The CD release party for Good Old Days is slated for this Thursday, October 6th at 8PM at the Hi-Dive. Turvy Organ will open the night, and I recommend you don’t miss this one. You’ll be glad you went.

More info on the release show and other gigs can be found on the band’s Facebook page.

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