Sheingold Shines on New Record "Aquarian Dream"

By: Zach Dahmen

David Sheingold’s anticipated album Aquarian Dream was released last Friday to the masses. Sheingold, who has spent the last decade or so performing around Boulder and the Front Range, has been playing music most of his life. Still, it wasn’t until the past few years that Sheingold really found his voice as a delicate and powerful instrument all its own. Watching him live, you immediately understand that the songs he plays mean much more than a few chords and some lyrics. Sheingold is a veritable performer; an artist who embodies all that he sings.

David Sheingold.

David Sheingold.

Sheingold’s soft and expansive folk is brought to life throughout the twelve song LP, and is done so with a group of local, prominent players: Jeb Bows of (Gregory Alan Isakov), Philip Parker (Gregory Alan Isakov & The Paper Stars), and Ben Berry (Marty O'Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestera). Sheingold lets his voice take the lead on the album, allowing broad arrangements to be filled, and to overflow with the talent surrounding him. The album wanders blissfully like a tumbleweed down the Front Range expanse; a low-fi sound of soft melodies only broken by Sheingold’s Jeff Buckley-esque falsetto. The album takes a talented songwriter and fleshes out his vocal production to a full, and yet perfectly understated sound. Aquarian Dream is a well-produced and artist-centric piece of music.

Highlights on the album include “Morning Star”, with its building crescendo of horns, and “Mandolin Song”, which is a welcome change of pace on the album with its skillful string playing and lyrical earnesty. The track “Grace” is another favorite, and one with Sheingold’s soaring falsetto at center stage.

Aquarian Dream is an impressive debut for an emerging artist, taking some of the best talents of Boulder and creating a unique, original sound that lingers with you.

Preview and download Aquarian Dream for yourself on Apple Music.


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