Corner Cafe Chronicles: Mumbai's Rock Trio Just Dropped a New Single

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Mumbai has a bangin' music scene. 

Here at BolderBeat, our focus is to promote local artists and their work. We’ve had a record number of submissions for features since 2016 kicked off and we want to thank you for that! Please keep spreading the word and sending creatives our way. Your reach keeps our five-days-a-week content train choo-chooin’ kids.

That said, we have recently received a few international submissions! We’re getting peeps from Dubai, Spain, Amsterdam, and a few spots in South America that are diggin’ on BolderBeat and we think that’s pretty dang rad. So we’ve decided to feature these artists sprinkled throughout all of our local coverage as well!

Which brings us to Mumbai’s indie group Corner Cafe Chronicles. The CCC consists of frontman Chinmay Patkar (vocals/guitar), Rishi Nandy (bass), and session drummer Aamir Ismail. The trio came together with the creative energy of friends Sanika Shinde and Devashish Jaamb with one goal in mind: to approach music with an expression of freedom.

chimay patkar in studio.

chimay patkar in studio.

Said Patkar, “Music is not bounded by barriers, but remains free like the air we breath. It’s a powerful way to stir change in every facet, be it in emotions, garnering support, or to simply rejuvenate the spirit in people. So with Corner Cafe Chronicles, we want to dive into the depths of creativity and experimentation with music. We want to compose music that feels real to the soul; that feels free. We indulge in different genres and refuse to be defined by a respective type. That’s what our music is about: exploring at any point in time and not letting any one particular element bind your imagination.”

Recently, the band released their debut single, “Sunday Rides with Rosie”. The track is energetic and drum-heavy, mixed with Patkar’s smoky, sliding vocals. If we had to make a well-known comparison, we’d probably toss out Red Hot Chili Peppers as a reference, but CCC definitely have their own thing happening too. The freedom’s there. And that’s what CCC wants most.

Aamir Ismail laying down beats.

Aamir Ismail laying down beats.

Said Patkar, “‘Sunday Rides with Rosie’ is a song that symbolizes everything once craves in life. It’s about a crush and how something that lasts for a miniscule moment can feel like forever in itself. [This track] is of great value to me [personally] because I composed it after a long struggle with writer’s block. The song freed me [from that].”

Corner Cafe Chronicles are already working on another release for their song called “The Metro Girl” which will drop in February 2016. When it hits, we’ll spread it here Boulder. Keep up with CCC here.

In the meantime, give “Sunday Rides with Rosie” a listen for yourself:


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