Colorado's Sardonic Storyteller Ben Hanna Has Launched A Kickstarter For His New Album

By: Mirna Tufekcic

“You don’t go eat a burger and enjoy hearing Ben Hanna in the background.”  

Ben Hanna, a Boulder-based artist, has a lot to say with his music. If you’ve ever heard him perform live, you might have been fooled by the upbeat tempo and playful rhymes of his tunes, thinking his songs are all a joke. I know I did the first time I stumbled into one of his live performances around town. But the lyrics that accompany BH’s music are actually sardonic stories of the daily mundane, of mediocre human interaction, love, relationships, and deep personal vices. His music is meant to be listened to with intention, so though you might laugh at some point, it may be more because of discomfort that BH is so honestly striking the truth than for any other reason.

When I asked Hanna about his style, he said, “People sometimes think it’s comedy. It has comedic elements, but it’s really a reflection of life. My music is a byproduct of modern world things, like having to deal with real human relationships while trying to use Tindr and Facebook at the same time.”

Which led me to wonder: Does Ben Hanna have Tindr?

“The only reason I’m on it is because a one percent chance is better than a zero percent chance.” he told me.

Way to be self-deprecating Ben.

“I feel like I’m trying really hard to have mediocre conversations with people I’m not even half interested in. It’s a cruel joke on me.” he continued.

In a nutshell, that is Ben Hanna: quirky, witty, and very keen on the human condition. He is definitely someone to check out if Lou Reed, John Prine, and Jonathan Richman are already on your Spotify list.   

Currently, Ben Hanna is working on finishing his second full-length album, which he is recording professionally. He hopes to accomplish this with the help and support of his fans and local music lovers alike. He has launched a Kickstarter to help fund the remaining needs for the project, and there are just 25 days left before the campaign ends. And I get it- amidst all the struggling artists these days, it is difficult to be moved to support any one of them. But Ben Hanna is worthwhile- he’s a different breed of artist. To be a part of his project and score things like a handmade Sharpie-drawn tee from Ben, check out BH’s Kickstarter here.


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