'The Mercury EP' Marks New Era For Colorado's Augustus

By: Riley Ann

Augustus’ latest release is a new plateau for the Boulder-based band. While their early recordings were more rootsy folk rock, The Mercury EP showcases the next era for the trio with a full-blown rock sound that is bold, tight, and unyielding.

Album art from  The Mercury EP .

Album art from The Mercury EP.

The core of Augustus’ sound still comes from solid songwriting, but what stands out on this release is how the songs have been reigned in to feature the ensemble. Instead of meandering vocal melodies and forms from the singer/songwriter tradition that Augustus harnessed in the past, The Mercury EP features vocal lines, guitar riffs, and drum beats that drive the momentum of its songs forward. These sonic changes were no surprise with the recent restructuring of the band instrumentally: since replacing the cello with electric bass, the three-piece were thrust into a new, electrified realm.

Augustus' Colin Kelly.

Augustus' Colin Kelly.

“[The Mercury EP] is definitely more guitar-heavy than any of the other recordings we’ve done,” said Jim Herlihy, guitarist and drummer of the band, “The last two albums were mostly acoustic that dipped their toes in a little bit of electric stuff. For this one, we don’t have banjo or cello on it, but we have a lot more electric guitar.”

Jim Herlihy.

Jim Herlihy.

This is Augustus’ third EP in three years. When asked why they’ve chosen to release EPs rather than albums, Jim offered, “The change is happening quickly, and recording albums takes a long time. In a practical world, releasing smaller snapshot records as EPs rather than full-length albums gives us the ability to grow faster.”

The Mercury EP is definitely one of those snapshots, and it’s evidence of a new trajectory for the band in just five songs. It’s Augustus’ first rock release, and it promises even bigger things to come. It would be no surprise to see a full-time drummer join the band soon, and to see attention for the group grow beyond Colorado. The trio has already earned accolades from Colorado Music Buzz, the Marquee, and Boulder Weekly, and they’ve played shows at The Fox Theatre, area festivals, and throughout the state.

You can join Augustus in celebrating the release of The Mercury EP this Friday, October 14th at Studio 700. Doors open at 7:30PM, and more details about this CD Release Party can be found here, and on the band’s website. You can also stream and purchase The Mercury EP, and Augustus’ previous recordings, through their Bandcamp page. Rock on.


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