Colorado's Eco Hip-Hop Artist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Wins Right to Sue The US Goverment

By: Hannah Oreskovich

A little over a month ago, we brought you a feature on Boulder’s Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, who has been a staple in the fight against climate change on a national level. Working with local non-profit Earth Guardians and the Our Generation organization, Martinez and 20 other young plaintiffs sued the government earlier this year. Their lawsuit is against President Obama, the fossil fuel industry, and other federal agencies who have allegedly refused to take action against climate change. Last time we caught up with Martinez, the case was under review in Oregon, where it was waiting to be determined if it would proceed to trial.

On November 10th, the decision for the case to move forward was made by Judge Ann Aiken, who wrote in her ruling, “Federal courts too often have been cautious and overly deferential in the arena of environmental law, and the world has suffered for it.”

For Martinez and the other plaintiffs involved this is a huge win.

As Martinez previously told us, “If we win this lawsuit, it's going to force the federal government of the United States to massively reduce our carbon emissions every single year by regulating industry, by regulating our oil and fossil fuel consumption, and it's going to have a huge impact on the way that the world sees us as well.”

In the whirlwind of news that has been circling the interwebs over the past week or so, we’re stoked to see this local artist and activist working with other youth to make a positive change for the world.

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