Could it be another Cold River City hit?

By: Zach Dahmen

Cold Rivery City just dropped a new single and we dig it.

Boulder's Cold River City at The Fox Theatre. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Boulder's Cold River City at The Fox Theatre. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

“Could It Be” is Cold River City’s first single off of their soon to be released album Thank You. Sorry. Love You. Just last September, CRC launched a Kickstarter campaign for what is to be their full-length follow up to Let Me Shine (2014). Anticipation around the band’s first release has been building for months, and last Friday, the six-piece dropped the single. Various live performances over the past few months have given a glimpse of CRC’s new material, but “Could It Be” is the first taste of what is to come.

Check out Cold River City’s new single “Could It Be”:

An instant hook and dance-inducing track, "Could It Be" opens with a ridiculously catchy guitar riff. Emma Fields takes lead vocals with her signature soaring voice. The well produced single pulses with energy, which is not a departure for the band, but that’s also a positive. "Could It Be" is a very catchy party track and CRC have found their “groove” as they continue to create memorable, genre-defying music. If “Could It Be” is any indication of what will be on their forthcoming album, this band is primed to make some big noise in the coming months.

You can see them play March 3rd at The Fox Theatre opening up for The Revivalists. Join the FB event and get your tickets here.


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