CITRA: The BUOYANT Denver Four-Piece & Their Debut EP "Ocean"

By: Dawn Raymond

What's born on Craigslist can be a great thing.

You know how so often your Craigslist encounters go awry? Well here's one that went aright. Not so many moons ago, a fella named Brandon Arndt posted an ad on Craigslist looking for fellow musicians who wanted to work hard and create some high energy entertainment. After assembling some respondents, and with only 2 practices under their collective belt, the chemistry was magically on point: Denver’s CITRA was born.  

CITRA, in a word, is BUOYANT, most notably in their the song entitled "Settle Down". Another fave from their January 2016 debut EP Ocean is the darker feeling "In the Ground", with its militant, drum-beat-driven-guitars and slightly more sunny sounding chorus. Trust me, it works, and these grooves really grow on you.

So who makes up this winning collective? CITRA is: Brandon Arndt (Vocals, Guitar), Augie Menos (Lead Guitar), Dan Naddy (Drums) and Sean Slattery (Bass). The boys play Denver’s Illegal Pete’s on South Broadway tonight at 8PM.

For more show info, humor, and more things CITRA, you can follow them on Facebook or visit their website here.

Listen to CITRA’s EP Ocean:


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