Boulder Band Brother Wild & Their Debut Album "White Flag"

By: Zach Dahmen

Brother Wild are Americana for the soul.

Boulder band Brother Wild came together last fall through the talents of Seth and Crystal Dady, and Tyler Shaw. Formed around their “love for family, friends, faith and community”, this trio released their debut album yesterday, White Flag.

Brother Wild.

Brother Wild.

White Flag is an Americana record that is both catchy and earnest. The band puts forth hook-heavy songwriting, complete with jangly guitars and soft touch harmonies. The whole album wears its heart on its sleeve. Brother Wild told us the record is “honest songwriting driven by life experiences and stories from the past”. They leave their lyrics just ambiguous enough to feel a spiritual bent, without fully conveying it’s a song about God and not a girl. Other tracks feel like they are reaching for an anthem.

The highlights on White Flag are the softer tracks, where songwriting and vocals are focused well. “House Fire” is a quiet moment of introspection; subtle and beautiful harmonies paint a portrait of loneliness and the desire to let it burn. “Gravity” features all the right touches of spacey slide guitar and takes its time in both composition and lyrics. “Leave It All Behind” is a classic pop-Americana track, catchy and toe-tapping from first click until its end. Overall, this debut release from Brother Wild is well produced with some real gems sprinkled throughout its ten song cut.

So give the track "Leave It All Behind" a listen for yourself! 

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