Broken Back: France's Breakout Folk Star Headed For US Fame

By: Annie Kane

Broken Back's soulful folk is worth tuning in to.

Broken Back.

Broken Back.

The sounds of folk voices and instruments colliding with electronics has become an increasing trend. Take the duo Milky Chance, for example, with their rise to fame from their hit song “Stolen Dance” or the explosion of Alt-J’s indie electro rock. This relatively new and vaguely undefinable genre is growing in popularity due to its pleasingly smooth sound that can be listened both quietly while studying or loudly to pump you up on a Friday night. It also allows artists to showcase their musical talent while also satisfying that crave for an electronic beat. Broken Back, the stage name of Saint-Malo based Jérôme Fagnet, is a newbie fully embracing this genre.

Jérôme’s creativity is evident with his ability to create music that feels magical or ethereal. His voice is soft with an almost lazy-like quality to it, while consistent beats drive the songs forward. Paired with these elements are a sprinkling of unexpected sounds such as whistles or chirping birds that combine to create an addicting sound. Jérôme’s talent can be heard best in his rendition of Britney Spears’ song, “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. He takes this pop-saturated song and spins it on it’s head. He adapts the melody of the song to fit his unique style and adds electric drumbeats in between the choruses, pulsating the track. It is almost unrecognizable until you catch yourself still singing along to those memorable lyrics.

On the streets of Paris.

On the streets of Paris.

Broken Back is growing in popularity by the day. His talent has been recognized by the credible French house artist Klingande in their collaboration on the song, “Riva (Restart the Game)” and other house French duo, Synapson in the song “Fireball”. He has been appearing consistently on various news shows and is currently touring across France. With clear support in the French community, Broken Back is surely to reach the top of the game in no time, and will by then hopefully be making his US debut.

Watch Broken Back's "Happiest Man on Earth":


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