Denver's Brittany Williams IS The Unstoppable Groove

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Colorado singer/songwriter Brittany Williams recently released a new track titled “Everything And More”, a tune which you will find on her upcoming EP Brittany Williams and The Unstoppable Groove. The 26-year-old Denver native has been hard at work over the past year, releasing her eight-track debut Cursed With A Blessing just six months ago.

Listen to Brittany Williams’ “Everything And More”:

A Denver native well known in the local R&B/Soul scene, Williams has found herself in “Everything And More”. Her voice is smooth and strong; she belts out the tune with a sultry confidence that is explosive and rich in tone. The upbeat pace of the song, moved along by jazzy percussion and velvety trumpet timbre, creates the groovy ambiance of a smoky jazz club where we are the hypnotized observers and Williams is the star. This release is proof of Williams’ successes to come. Brittany Williams IS the unstoppable groove. And you’d better not miss her.

Brittany Williams.

Williams has managed to surround herself with a number of talented musicians on “Everything And More”, who will also be featured on her upcoming EP. With Wes Watkins (trumpet) of The Other Black and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Sean Dandurand (bass), Dylan Johnson (drums), Ben Weirich (keys), and Ramoane Williams (guitar), Williams has coordinated quite the hard-hitting team. Each member brings their own swingin’ elements to the track while still letting Williams’ vocals shine.

If Williams’ upcoming EP is anything like “Everything And More”, we have a feeling it will be hard to catch her anywhere but on tour. So keep up with her current live performance schedule here, and stay tuned for more from Brittany Williams and The Unstoppable Groove. We’re definitely keeping our eye on this Denver talent, and you should too.


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