Bonne Finken Showcases Her Multi-Faceted Artistry in Upcoming "Speak to Me" Single & Music Video

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Des Moines singer/songwriter Bonne Finken is no stranger to the music game. A professional vocalist since 2005 and a cancer survivor, she has made quite the name for herself locally and nationally. She has released two albums (Soul on Display; Fairytales/LoveAffairs) with numerous hit singles, and is about to release her upcoming single and music video "Speak to Me" this Friday, August 12th.

Bonne Finken.

Bonne Finken.

Bonne recorded the single with producers Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop of The Spot Studios in Denver, CO. "Speak to Me" is the first song from Finken’s upcoming album, set to be unveiled in full this winter. It is a powerful electronic dance tune, but like much of Bonne’s music, the thought and work put into it make it so much more than just a catchy song.

"Speak to Me" is a personal statement about transition, growth, and resilience, and how those themes have influenced Finken’s writing. Bonne is known for challenging her skills and taking her craft to another level. Over the last ten years, Bonne’s music has been shaped by her constant thirst for knowledge, and her desire to be more involved in the process. She storyboarded, directed, edited, and starred in the video for “Speak to Me” herself, truly making it a representation of her in every way.

Watch Bonne Finken’s teaser for her upcoming music video “Speak to Me”:

"It’s very meta," Bonne shared, "it’s very much how my music started off. I used to ask people who knew better to work on the technical parts. But I’ve learned now the only way to get exactly what you want is to do it yourself. So on top of knowing the music in and out, I learned the editing, production, recording, and directing aspects.”

The music video took five weeks to film, with only one hour each day acceptable for the type of lighting needed for the video. While she learned a few lighting tricks of the trade, Bonne channeled her fierce passion and commitment to the music by insisting her team use the natural light instead. While this project was still a collaboration of creative talent, working with a skeleton crew of producers Jon Locker and Mike Ray, "Speak to Me" is Bonne’s transformation into an even more multi-faceted artist.

The music video for "Speak to Me" is its own entity, and not a direct correlation to the lyrics. Each convey a message of bravery, perseverance, and transformation, but are meant to be related to in different ways. Yet, no matter how you take it all in, the overlying message speaks to the struggle, the fears of failure, and the overwhelming need to keep moving forward no matter what. The video represents the song itself, as well as the hard work put into creating the video.

Bonne has already released a 15-second teaser for the "Speak to Me" music video. It’s been a totally hands-on process for Bonne so far, and she cannot wait to unveil what she’s been working on. Tune in to Bonne’s upcoming announcements by checking out her Facebook, website, and blog.


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