Blanket Empire: Gutter Glam Hits the Larimer Lounge Tonight

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Gutter Glam never tasted so good. 


Gutter glam. It’s what Denver band Blanket Empire describe themselves as, and it’s super tasty kids! Lucky for you, they’ve got a show at the Larimer Lounge tonight that we’re going to go ahead and call a must-see. Frontman Jimier Murphy has a Jack-White-esque vocal thing happening and while he’s tapping out rad psychedelic guitar solos, drummer Jason Schierbeck is making waves with his cymbals that kiss your cheek and pull you into the tide of Benjamin Mund’s bass. Can you tell we’re diggin’ ‘em? They make you want to cover yourself in glitter and mosh until you can’t move. And something tells us that live, their energy will be absolutely explosive. So go check them out- Chocolate Diamond, Silver Face, and Ivar Evan are opening the LL show. The fun starts at 8PM; $10 at the door. Read more about the event here.

Listen to Blanket Empire's Radio1190 performance here:


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