Big Wild Brought All The Feels To Denver Show

By: Annie Kane

California transplant Big Wild brought all the feels of a summer night beach party to Denver’s Larimer Lounge.

A stop along his spring tour, Big Wild sold out the cozy Larimer Lounge in Denver last Saturday night, and had everybody twirling around. Jackson (the name and brains behind Big Wild) had nothing but happy vibes in all of his songs, resulting in smiles plastered across every face in the crowd. I overheard one fan ask her friend if she wanted to move to a better spot so they could actually see him perform, and her friend replied, “I’m okay, I can hear the music and that’s all I care about!” She then proceeded to dance her a** off.

Behind Jackson onstage was a plain white screen, upon which splashed saturations of colorful light that appeared and reappeared, painting him in colors that complimented his lively songs. A small drum was set up at the edge of the stage, which he occasionally sat on and hammered away at during longer beats. When he did so, fans smooshed themselves against the stage to get a closer look, or better yet, a more epic snapchat. The small venue allowed for an intimate performance with this budding artist, and one that isn’t likely to be repeated as Big Wild’s fame continues to grow.

Watch my recap video of the night: 

Jackson’s focus on his music was evident as he meticulously altered sounds on his computer and keyboard between hammering on the drums. His concentration did not block out his own experience of the show though; he took breaks to dance to his fun beats and revel in the crowd’s infectious energy. One fan came up to me after the show remarking on Jackson’s very attitude, and how his live performances have such a sharp vision; a vision that allows his music and powerful talent to come off smoothly. I couldn’t have agreed more.

After attending this show, I was not surprised to learn how many shows Big Wild has sold out on his tour across the country. If you missed him this time around, hopefully you scored tickets to his already sold-out Red Rocks show on June 18th, where he will be opening for close friend Odesza.

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