Anna Robinson: Bringing Midwest Americana to Denver's Music Scene

By: Hannah Oreskovich

This Denver transplant will make you long for the Midwest.

A roaming, musical entity of the American Midwest” is how new Denver-transplant Anna Robinson describes herself. With a background in several instruments- piano, guitar, mandolin, tin whistle- Robinson’s music “combines the honest conversations of contemporary music with the touching rhythms and melody of her folk roots”. After a few solo releases, Robinson formed a band in 2014, The Suitcase Set. The group had success with Midwest gigs and an appearance at The Black Hills Music Festival in 2015, so shortly afterward, they hit the studio to record the full length album Anna Robinson and The Suitcase Set. The 12-song album has those classic Midwest folk/americana vibes, with layered strings, repetitive verses, and light harmonies. It feels like the perfect soundtrack for a summer road trip from Nebraska’s plains to South Dakota’s hills, both places that Robinson and her band have toured through and performed in.

This year, Robinson told us she is planning to write and produce a solo EP. She’s also wants to play a couple of festivals this summer and will be gigging around Boulder/Denver. Keep an eye on her show list here to catch a live performance.

And in the meantime, give Anna Robinson and The Suitcase Set a listen:


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