Amy Kress Takes On Her Technicolored Monsters in "My Fears And I"

By: Jura Daubenspeck

We like Amy Kress' kind of monsters. 

BLDGBLKS artist Amy Kress in her new music video for "My Fears And I".

BLDGBLKS artist Amy Kress in her new music video for "My Fears And I".

Amy Kress takes no issue with giving it to you straight. And what I continue to be most impressed with is her ability to not exhibit herself as an individual who is unafraid or fearless, but rather, an individual who is strong enough to share her fears and channel them into her music. Because when it comes to cancer, divorce, and the, at times, petrifying role of being a mother, the fear is like the whispering monster under your bed: you can ignore it, temporarily even forget about it, but in the quietest moments, the whispers become deafening.

Amy’s newest music video for her song “My Fears And I” is simple in that there is no supplementary plotline with a cast of characters, no choreographed dance numbers, and no panoramic, aerial or fisheye lens scenery shots. It’s just Amy, virtually bare, staring straight into the camera and pouring herself out. Various technicolor light projections overlie her face, adding an awesome cosmic effect to the starkingly honest words she sings:

In the morning, between sleep and wake, I find peace. I am free.

And my heart bumps and my pulse jumps and the thoughts roll through my mind.

My fears and I, no place to hide. Empty bottles piled high.”

Watch Amy’s new music video for “My Fears And I”:

She delves into the paralyzing fear that no type or amount of substance can numb, and while you may be able to ignore it at times, other days you know you are completely surrounded by the impending terror. And as usual, Amy’s ability to speak so introspectively alongside an upbeat electronic rhythm that moves you to dance makes her music more than just a catchy tune. Amy shared with us what the single means to her:

“‘My Fears And I’ is my song about being completely overwhelmed by the events in my life. Every morning, I would wake and unknowingly savor the silence and peace in my mind. Then the reality I faced- my cancer, my ending marriage, the welfare of my children- it all came crashing down on me until I felt I was unable to carry on. And then we set it to dance music.”

So there you have it. “My Fears And I” was recorded and filmed in Amy’s basement over the course of a few hours, using only a camera, video projector, fog machine, and a laptop. It was released last Friday and is just one song that will be featured on her upcoming album, to be released later this spring. So stay tuned for Amy’s new music and upcoming live performances, by connecting with her on her personal blog, website, and Facebook.


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