Amoramora's Halloweekend 80s Bash Thursday at The Lazy Dog

By: Annie Kane

Hailing from the Rockies, Amoramora is not your average jam band. Listeners have attempted to encapsulate their style as “mountain-funk”, “fusion jam”, and even “earth soul”. With a new setlist at every performance, and their mix of percussion, guitar, bass, trumpet and vocals making endless room for experimentation, Amoramora is guaranteed to keep you on your toes (quite literally).



Amoramora is a favored and loved local Colorado band for good reason. Their blend of sounds as described above not only keep listeners interested, but also inspires a dance party. The band recently played a packed show at The Caribou Room in Nederland; check out a recording of that show here if you don’t believe the hype. Their live sound is so splendid that they are planning on releasing the second volume of their S'moramora, a compilation of their live recordings.

This Halloweekend, see for yourself what Amoramora’s live shows are all about. They will be throwing down at The Lazy Dog tomorrow night starting at 10PM. The theme for the night is 80s, and there is a costume competition, so bring your A-game!

And if your Thursday night is booked, catch Amoramora tonight at The Speakeasy in Fort Collins or at Tony P's on Friday in Denver.

To stay up on everything going on in the Amoramora camp, join the group “Amorheads & Amorons” here.


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