"A Mixture of the Sanctity of Rock'n'Roll and the Accessibility of Pop": Denver's Always On My Mind

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Denver’s alt pop rock scene is bubbling, and local outfit Always On My Mind are helping to bring the heat. Comprised of Joshua Dillard (vocals), Travis Moore (guitar), Bryce Clark (bass), and Ryan Bannigan (drums), the Denver four-piece describe their sound as, “a mixture of the sanctity of rock’n’roll and the accessibility of pop”.

The band’s debut release, Battle Scarf: The Glassen Sea (2014), carried the group into a slew of successful Denver gigs. AOMM released an all-acoustic version of the album as well, widening their fanbase with their softer side. After building a solid local following, the group proceeded to release two singles, “Blazes”, and “Fever”. And then, just last month, AOMM dropped their newest track, “Float”. It’s a tune with a catchy backing melody, popping drum bursts, and a chorus that really makes you want to sing along.

Listen to AOMM’s new track, “Float”:

AOMM have kept busy this summer, playing at Soda Jerk Presents-sponsored shows at Summit Music Hall, and even playing a gig on 5280’s stage at Denver’s recent Comic Con event. They’re already working on their next single release and above all, AOMM’s message is this:

It’s the people we love, the people we’ve lost and the memories we have.
Our accomplishments, our pain and our dreams.
They live in our hearts and they are always on our minds.

So there you have it! Check out Always On My Mind for yourself, and keep up with Denver alt pop rock band here.


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