Album Release: Jessica Eppler's The Perennial Pattern

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Jessica Eppler has some new piano tunes for your ears.



Jessica Eppler, who you may know as one half of Longmont’s The Prairie Scholars, recently released an album of instrumental piano songs entitled “The Perennial Pattern.” Though it’s been an album three years in the making, Eppler has been composing songs with her piano skills for far longer. She’s played since she was a child, started songwriting in her early teens, and went on to perform in her band Clandestine Amigo until 2009, when she moved to Colorado with husband Andy Eppler and the two formed The Prairie Scholars.

Together, Jessica and Andy have released several albums together, which you can preview and purchase here. Jessica and Andy are quite the duo: they have a successful podcast, are involved in numerous gigs throughout the Front Range, and host the annual Longmont Songwriter Series and Music Festival. And that’s just naming a few of the things the two are involved in. It’s evident that creating a community culture around music and art is important to them, which is one reason we really dig their work.

Beyond her work in The Prairie Scholars, Jessica has also released a significant amount of solo material, including albums “Still No Empty Sky,” “Planted Wind,” and her debut solo piano release “Dust Storm Dance.” Eppler’s newest release,“The Perennial Pattern”, is a season-themed album of instrumental imagination: Eppler takes you on a musical interpretation of warmth, wonder, and weather. The album starts with the beautiful eight and a half minute “Fall Fluctuations”, which almost feels as if it has no defined end, transitioning perfectly into the jumpy, excited “First Snow”. Back to back, these tracks transport you to the moment where fall and winter kiss; the leaves have fallen and you’re bundled up crunching through snow.

But Eppler doesn’t rest in the cold long- “Lazy Swing Spring” follows with a grooving, hypnotic rhythm before the deeper-toned, more turbulent “Summer Storms” strikes your ears. “The Blossoms Reemerge” is next, and is a haunting piece that bleeds into the flowing “The Dimmer Days of Winter”. The seven song album then ends with the more upbeat, reflective “The Seasons Won’t Change”. Overall, Eppler’s “The Perennial Pattern” is a great listen, no matter the season. Lend it an ear yourself here. And keep up with Jessica and The Prairie Scholars here.


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