Premiere: Bun Bun Has Landed- Listen to Their Debut Single "Urban Bee"

Denver’s Bun Bun dropped their debut single “Urban Bee” around dawn Planet Earth time this morning and BolderBeat is proud to premiere it. Take a listen:

“Urban Bee” will be released across all multiverses this Friday. Bun Bun will also make a rare appearance amongst humans tonight at Elija Kane's “Stay Gold” art show at the State Room above the Buffalo Rose in Golden at 8PM.

BolderBeat reached out to Bun Bun for an interview but as members Snarklet and Reedlet were on a space adventure, BolderBeat was forced to communicate with them through their manager Tarzancula interstellarly. Read on:

Bun Bun (reedlet and snarklet). Photo Credit:   Julianna Photography

Bun Bun (reedlet and snarklet). Photo Credit: Julianna Photography

Tell us about Bun Bun & how the project came to be.

Snarklet is from Planet Saturn. She arrived here January 1st. Soon after, Reedlet & Snarklet got burritos at Los Marcelos & it was love at first sight. A month later, they went to San Francisco. It was raining in Japantown and underneath a mylar blanket, Reedlet asked Snarklet if she would stay on Planet Earth with him. She said yes! They decided to name their band Bun Bun when they noticed they were both wearing buns in their hair at the same time. They always match like that. It's never even on purpose. They also would like to clear up any rumors: they did not meet on Craigslist.

That’s pretty galactic. Talk to us about this track- what inspired it and where was it recorded?

Urban Bee” is the first song Bun Bun ever invented. “Urban Bee” is not just a song, it is a way of life for bees. It's an introduction into a new form of music, called BeeWave®, patented by Bun Bun. “Urban Bee” was controversially kicked off of Billboard's Hot 100 because it didn't have enough human elements and was clearly made for bees. So, in an effort to be more inclusive, Bun Bun made a second version of “Urban Bee” for humans to listen to which is what you can listen to today.

Originally though, most of the frequencies were made exclusively for bees' ears (ears belonging to bees on both planet Earth AND Saturn). Just try and listen to it. Critics say it is unfair for two SoundCloud rappers to control all of the music made for bees, [but] the fact of the matter is, no one else cares enough to make music exclusively for bees. Snarklet worked as a bee-whisperer on planet Saturn, so obviously she knows what she's talking about when she raps about bees. Reedlet and Snarklet recorded and produced the song at Moon Magnet Studios together while binging on honeycomb.

That’s like, so atroidal. Why did Bun Bun choose this track as their debut single for Earth?

“Urban Bee” is an ode to bees surviving in the city. Bun Bun thinks they are underrepresented and misunderstood, and truly beelieve [sic] that bees deserve to be saved.

Here are some interesting facts about bees: Some people think that honey is sticky because it's made of sugar when in fact, it's sticky because people can't stop touching it. Other misunderstandings about bees mostly revolve around whether bees eat the honey or use it as insulation in the hive. One last fact is that all bees you've ever seen are boy bees, beecause [sic] the Queen Bee kills off all the other girls to maintain her status. Humans never see the Queen Bee beecause [sic] she's in the hive, and frankly, pretty busy.

Photo Credit:   Julianna Photography

Photo Credit: Julianna Photography

We beelieve [sic] you. What else can we expect from Bun Bun this year?

Bun Bun has six new songs and is performing them on planet Earth [as mentioned] at Elija Kane's "Stay Gold" Art Show at the State Room above the Buffalo Rose in Golden tonight at 8pm.

Anything else you’d like to add Tarzancula?

Bun Bun is currently [allegedly] feuding with Babelord, another band from both Denver and outer space. Babelord opened for Bun Bun on their tour around the Milky Way. It was annoying because they had to check all of Babelord's guitars every time they flew economy, so now they're feuding over Instagram. Bun Bun recently defeated Babelord in a basketball game at the rec center. It was a landslide.

Whoa. TMZ where you at?! You heard it here first Denver.

Update: Babelord has disputed Bun Bun’s interstellar feud allegations stating, “It’s all love between me and BunBun! So excited for this single!” Listen to Babelord here.

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