F I N K E L's Spring Tour Features New Sounds & Will Be in Denver Next Week

By: Mirna Tufekcic

F I N K E L, a duo formerly known as Less Is More, is coming to Denver’s Three Kings Tavern on March 19th and FoCO’s Surfside7 on March 20th to spook you with eerie synth noises not unlike the Stranger Things intro. The husband and wife duo of Brian and Jane Spencer will mesmerize you with soothing harmonies and complete the experience by bathing you in ethereal synthetic textures. This bizarrely intriguing band has a few singles already released since the change in name and direction, which can be listened to and viewed along with stylistic and artsy videos, like their single “n e e d.,” “l e x i c o n,” and the most recent “w/o.”

F I N K E L. Photo credit: Erin Soorenko

F I N K E L. Photo credit: Erin Soorenko

This band will definitely not give you what you expect- it’s not defined by any genre per se nor is it your run-of-the-mill obscure indie band. So if you’re interested in seeing their live performance, come with an open mind and open ears! As F I N K E L’s “About” page on Facebook states, “Their lyrics explore themes of love and desire; understanding oneself and one another beyond surface qualities; and questioning the status quo. With every track, they’re suggesting we take another, closer look, because what we think we see and hear just might deserve inspection…  She triggering a MIDI mixing board, he on guitar, their vocals intertwine with a shadowy fluidity that invokes notions of another time; perhaps the middle of next week…” Errr, exactly that, but Mountain Standard Time.


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